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I began writing this series of letters in December of 2020 with the goal of energizing my creative practice. In stretching that practice outwards to a small community of readers (friends), I hoped to find a bit more discipline and accountability.

These letters come from an urge to share with others, to communicate with you. Observations, reflections, questions, inspirations, poems, drawings. Et cetera. Sharing for the sake of sharing, to watch what ripples, what reflects back, and returns. I want to share in a different way than I have been conditioned to “share” by whatever media feeds we get lost in, a sentiment which is probably tainted by my middle-aged nostalgia for a pre-Facebook/Instagram/Twitter digital life.

The topics are varied and evolving. But some themes have emerged, and I expect they will persist and accumulate depth over time. Peruse the archive and you will find reflections on beavers, holding hands, making collage poems, the ministry of imagination, the rural landscape of Vermont, to-do lists, and, inevitably, how the world is changing around us.

Thanks for reading.

Montpelier, Vermont

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Reflections on nature, climate, culture, and community from central Vermont.


Jeremy Beaudry

((( 👋🏼 ))) Jeremy Beaudry is a writer, musician, artist, and designer by profession. He lives in Montpelier, Vermont with his partner and three children. https://jbeau.info